Wednesday, 30 December 2015



Okay, okay - I promised myself I'd upload at least two posts after my last New York photo diary before I returned to New York, and as you can probably tell, I broke that promise. Sorry. Again. 

This post wasn't planned, either, actually. (Have you realised how damn organised I am, yet?) But I was in Shanghai for two days before New York, and walking through The Bund one night we ended up on a skybridge above a busy highway and my camera suddenly felt a thousand times heavier around my neck and so came this impromptu little light photoshoot playing around with aperture and long(ish) exposure. Here's a few snaps from an enthusiastic but amateur photographer! Enjoy! 

So.. I'm writing this at 7.17pm on the 30th of December New York time, sitting on my hotel bed, and I have a Broadway production soon and we're leaving at 7.30pm. It's New Year's Eve in Sydney and I think my body thinks it's New Year's Eve, too. I can hear screaming and music and stagnant traffic outside my window. 

If any of you haven't seen Views of Now's 2016 video you should maybe take a little look because it really, really resonated with me - I think this year, instead of updating my long list of idealistic resolutions and proceeding to beat myself up over it at the end of the year, I'm going to set myself smaller and more personal goals, and I'm not going to mind too much if I can't reach these. 

I want to remind myself and those around me that they matter and I love them and I matter and I love myself, and I want to drink more water and less coffee and listen to more music that makes me smile and spend more time with people who love me and whom I love. I want to remember to breathe when I feel afraid and I want to keep my mind focused on studies and art and the things I love, but I don't want to be discouraged when I lose focus. Also, I really really want to update this blog not necessarily more frequently but more regularly, on a schedule, and I want to be earlier to outings and events. I want to take more photos but also take time to be in the moment. 

To be quite honest, I'm scared at how fast 2015 has whizzed by (mainly because nothing that big has happened and I feel like I've wasted a whole year) but I'm also excited to watch the ball drop with the rain trailing makeup down my face with my family and about a million other people in Times Square, and I'm excited for the new year. 

Here's to 2016! 

What are your goals / resolutions for the new year? 


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